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John McLean Allan is an award-winning musician and has been a highly sought-after music educator at some of the most prestigious preschools in Los Angeles for over 20 years. His music has been featured in Oscar winning movies and he can be seen/heard performing on bagpipes in films and TV shows; Million Dollar Baby, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Modern Family, Always Sunny in Philadelphia,
The West Wing, The Tonight Show plus countless more.

What inspires John the most is that kids can react to music before they even speak. His music classes are for children 0-5 years old and their parents because both parents and children learn the building blocks of music by practicing improvising rhythms and then talking to each other in rhythms. John's goal is to educate kids and their parents since the parents are the kid’s first music educators. The parents take these musical ideas and reinforce them with the kids all week so that the following week, they're all better musicians for it. When the kids are ready to learn an instrument, whether it’s their voice or guitar, they already know how to speak the language of music and it’s just a matter of what instrument they choose to apply it to. 

Teacher John

As a father, John watched his daughter being exposed to music her whole life and try out a bunch of different instruments until she finally decided upon piano. When her piano teacher talked to her about things like dynamics, she understood them right away and excelled in her first year of piano. She also likes to sing 80s songs in a local coffee shop and he backs her up on the guitar...he gives her a pretty good deal. 

Recently, John played bagpipes in a Kia Soul commercial with musicians from all over the world both on location and in
Capitol Records. He got to collaborate with a huge range of instrumentalists who played the sitar, steel drums, the oud, mariachi and trumpet to name a few AND the musicians got to dress up as hamsters! 

John is also working on releasing new music soon. In addition to creating original music for himself and others, John loves teaching kids music so they can come steal all his gigs when they get older!

What's Teacher John up to?
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